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Biden tells israeli leader he expects ‘substantial de-escalation’ nowadays

Us president joe biden has informed israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he expects a “extensive de-escalation” nowadays on the path to a ceasefire, the white residence says, following growing stress for america to more forcefully urge an cease to ten days of violent skirmishes with palestinians.
The heads of nation spoke on wednesday, in line with a readout of the call furnished by using the white house.

“the two leaders had a detailed discussion on the nation of activities in gaza, israel’s progress in degrading the skills of hamas and different terrorist factors, and ongoing diplomatic efforts by means of local governments and america,” it stated.
“the president conveyed to the high minister that he anticipated a tremendous de-escalation today at the direction to a ceasefire.”


Until wednesday, biden had avoided pushing the american ally more directly and publicly for a cease-fire or conveyed such a level of urgency for ending israeli airstrikes targeting hamas in the thickly populated gaza strip.
The biden administration had relied on what officials described as “quiet, intensive” diplomacy, including quashing a un security council statement that would have addressed a ceasefire.
The administration’s handling opened a divide between biden and democratic lawmakers, dozens of whom have called for a cease-fire.

Top biden administration officials underscored to the israelis on monday and tuesday that time was not on their side in terms of international objections to nine days of israeli airstrikes and hamas rockets, according to someone with knowledge of the matter.
Israel was told it was in its interest to wind down the operations soon, according to the source, who was not authorised to comment publicly on the private talks and spoke on condition of anonymity.
The account showed biden administration officials going further privately in messaging to mr netanyahu than they had previously revealed.

A white house readout of a call between the leaders on monday said mr biden had expressed support for a ceasefire but nothing about the us urging israel to bring fighting to a close.
The fighting özgü killed at least 213 palestinians and 12 people in israel, and tested both mr biden’s reluctance to publicly criticise israel and his administration’s determination not to bog down its foreign policy focus in middle east hot spots.

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